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preferred pronouns


What I Should Be Doing: Studying Transitive vs Intransitive Verbs

What I’m Actually Doing: Tumbling, looking at summer programs in Classical Japanese even though I don’t have complete mastery of modern Japanese yet (and sure as hell will never use it for my job - I just want to be able to read untranslated classical poetry because I’m a lit. nerd >//<)and trying to decide if I’d rather live in Kyoto (b/c temples) or Nara (b/c deer). >.>

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Volume 17, Chapter 125
"The Sound of Life"

A translation of dialogue that pertains to Fai’s transformation into a vampire, per animangod's request. My apologies for the lack of pictures and full concordance; I haven't the time to make this fancy I'm afraid. I may come back and edit on another day when I have time, but for now…here you go~

Page 17, bottom half of page

Yuuko: A vampire’s healing power far surpasses that of a human’s. In particular these two are first generation. If he receives that blood, Fai will not die.

Translator’s Note: I used the phrase “first generation” here but a more literal translation is “original type”. Another suitable translation may be “purebloods”.

Page 18, last panel

Mokona: Is Fai going to become a vampire?

Page 19

Mokona: Like in the book you showed me? Is he going to end up needing to suck the blood of a lot of people?

Yuuko: If he just received the blood of a vampire. Kurogane, not wanting Fai to die is your wish. Fai doesn’t desire that. Therefore you too must suffer the burden of making him live.

Translator’s Note: I used “me” for Mokona’s first sentence but there isn’t a pronoun in the original Japanese at all. It could have been “us” instead of “me”. Also…when was this? Did Larg and Soeil spend time frolicking around with Clow and Yuuko once they were created, before being put into those little glass domes? Did Clow and Yuuko have to teach them to talk and train them in how to use their transportation ability? Does Larg have 108 skills of his own, taught to him by Clow, while Yuuko worked on Soeil’s 108 skills? I NEED TO KNOW. …what was I doing? Oh right. Translating. *cough*

Another translation for “suffer the burden” could be “bear the responsibility” but the words used in the original indicate something more than just shouldering responsibility and I wanted to make that clear in the translation.

Page 20

Kurogane: What do I need to do?

Yuuko: Become his prey.

Page 21

Yuuko: When he’s given Subaru’s blood to drink, have him drink your blood as well. If you do that, then yours will be the only blood Fai will accept. No…yours will be the only blood he’ll be able to drink.

Mokona: That means if something happens to Kurogane, Fai will…

Page 22

Yuuko: He’ll die.

Page 34

Kurogane: What’s going to happen to his left eye?

Kamui: Injuries sustained before one becomes a vampire do not heal. If it was gouged out it’ll remain empty.

Yuuko: Vampires are not immortal. That’s just a legend. Sunlight and holy water aren’t weaknesses either.

Page 35

Yuuko: These two are first generation, so they have amazing healing powers, but a created vampire is merely a little hardier than a human and slower to age. Fai is originally long-lived due to his great magical powers so there won’t be much change there. Already he’s lived multiple times your age, Kurogane.

Translator’s Note: The word Yuuko uses to indicate the comparative length of time Fai has lived is “nanbai”. Just as “a couple” indicates two and “a few” is often accepted to mean three, I assume from her use of nanbai (unspecified multiple) instead of nibai (twice that) or nibai ijou (more than twice that) or sanbai (three times that), that Fai has lived three times Kurogane’s current age at the very least. It’s almost like “hrair” in “Watership Down”, which means “more than four” and can be anything from “five” to “countless”. If Fai had only lived twice or thrice Kurogane’s current age I would have expected Yuuko to use the simpler, more specific word to measure his age. Instead she used a vague word to indicate multiple times which gives me the sense that it must be more than just twice or thrice.

Page 36

Yuuko: What’s changed is that he’ll need blood to live…he’ll require his prey’s blood.

Kamui: You didn’t know any of that and you agreed to become his prey? You didn’t even know if the witch’s deal was going to be to your advantage.

Kurogane: He’d have died if we’d been a few seconds later. Besides…

Translator’s Note: In the very first panel of this chapter Yuuko says, “But if I do it the price will be too heavy,” and Kurogane gives her a look ten thousand times more vile and vicious than when she asked for Ginryuu. She refuses to even tell him what the price is because she knows that Kurogane is in a state where he would agree to anything in order to save Fai’s life. This is spelled out more clearly on page 36, where Kamui expresses surprise and perhaps some disdain at Kurogane blindly accepting Yuuko’s terms without “reading the fine print” so to speak.

From a character development standpoint I feel that Kurogane has yet to learn to measure consequences. He may be more forward-facing than Fai at this point but that may just be an accident of nature and nurture. He’s not much better than Fai at actually understanding the weight of decisions. It takes months in Infinity of bearing the brunt of Fai’s coldness for this lesson to sink in. He doesn’t come to regret his choice, but he does come to understand the repercussions. Kurogane has simple goals like gaining vengeance, saving Fai, going home…but he doesn’t grasp at first what attaining those goals really means.

Page 37

Kurogane: I don’t know what the witch’s thoughts are but that believes in her and went to her for help. I’ll believe that.

Mokona: …Kurogane.

Yuuko: One more thing. If the stolen left eye is recovered Fai’s magical power will also return. In that case the vampire blood can be wiped out. If Fai’s left eye is returned your role as prey will also end.

Translator’s Note: Kurogane here uses “are” to refer to Mokona, not “aitsu” or “soitsu”. “Are” is a word used when you’re referring to an object, while the other words are used to refer to people. That’s why I used “that” instead of “her” when translating how Kurogane referred to Mokona.

"Kesu" is "to erase" and "uchikesu" is a stronger variant, so I used "wipe out" as a translation. One thing to note is that Yuuko states that with the return of the eye Fai’s magic WILL return and Kurogane’s role as prey WILL end, but when it comes to being able to wipe out the vampire blood she only says it CAN be done. I interpreted this to mean that Fai might have control over whether or not to reverse his vampire nature. The return of his magic will mean that his ability to sustain his own life is restored to him apart from the vampire blood and so THAT - not Fai’s state as non-vampire - is what will put an end to Kurogane needing to pay a price for keeping Fai alive. Kurogane paid for Fai to live, not for Fai to be human. So once Fai’s magic is sustaining his life, Kurogane’s role as prey ends. Fai being a vampire or a human has nothing to do with it.

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i want realistic modern fantasy like

someone finding a dragon egg and livetweeting the process of trying to hatch it (with no prior knowledge on how a dragon egg should be hatched)

a guy selling an enchanted sword on craigslist

a tattoo artist who does spell runes but for really mundane stuff like conjuring a bound demonic pen or for summoning your keys

summoning a demon for the vine

selfies with mermaids

prank calling wizards

That first one just cries out to be made into a Temeraire AU fic.

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My second entry for Month of Love!  This week’s theme was favorite love story and I gotta say, it was too hard to pick just one out of the twenty some-odd that I came up with.
I always come back to the knight/noble lady trope because I’m cheesy and it’s the best.  It’s also a Valentine’s Day image for m’lady (hah) and I because I call her that so often.
Ink and digital.


My second entry for Month of Love!  This week’s theme was favorite love story and I gotta say, it was too hard to pick just one out of the twenty some-odd that I came up with.

I always come back to the knight/noble lady trope because I’m cheesy and it’s the best.  It’s also a Valentine’s Day image for m’lady (hah) and I because I call her that so often.

Ink and digital.

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This giant fluff ball is Fai. And he needs a home, fast.

thelittlemermage and I moved recently and we can’t have pets because reasons. Mage’s cousin dontpokemethere is kindly watching over Fai while we look for a new home but so far we’ve had no luck and Dana can only look after him for so long. If anyone lives in or near Atlantic County in New Jersey and would like a very sweet, very affectionate, very calm cat please message me.

He’s about 3 years old, fixed, litter trained, good with people and other animals. He sheds a lot and I don’t actually know his breed but he’s the sweetest thing and would make an amazing pet. I love him so much and I just want to know that he’ll be taken care of. We’re very desperate so even if you can’t take him if you could please share this I would greatly appreciate it.